The Human –

Canine Bond

Humans and canines have been drawn to each other since the beginning of recorded time and it is no wonder. Our dogs provide us with an unwavering loyalty and companionship that even our human kinfolk cannot muster. As our lives have become increasingly sophisticated and complex, we seem to have a desire to bring our dogs into that complexity with us. For most, gone are the days when a dog could lie lazily on the porch all day, awaiting his masters return.

While our dogs are not human, they truly are beloved members of our families. It is natural that we would want to bring them along with us into our evolving lifestyles. We want to bring them to soccer games and farmers markets, on our daily walks and our family vacations. We have even created new sports where a dog and his person can compete together as teammates. All of this requires a far more advanced level of training. It requires a higher level of civility from our dogs. Even if they just stay home, our homes have become more complex and more dangerous for our dogs with our ever-increasing number of electronic gadgets and synthetic products. Keeping our dogs in our homes now requires teaching them a more elaborate set of rules.

Fortunately, scientists have made new discoveries into the canine intellect that have enabled us to communicate with our dogs at a far more advanced level. This is not only helpful, but also exciting! It has empowered us to understand these loyal companions like never before and bring our friendship with them to a whole new level.

To have a dog as your companion can be one of the most satisfying relationships on earth. They are our closest friends, our roommates, our partners at work and play, our confidants. They give us their best. Let us give them ours.

In this course, you will learn how to open up the lines of communication between you and your dog. You will learn how to teach them basic commands including sit, down, stay, leave-it, and how to walk politely on a leash, along with a few others. You will learn how to communicate to your dog which behaviors are desirable, and which are not, using positive reinforcement coupled with gentle discouragement.

We believe that it is much easier to teach your dog desirable behavior than to “un-teach” less desirable behavior. Therefore, we recommend beginning your training the moment your new dog enters your home. They are never too young! In fact, we hope that your breeder has already begun some training for you. However, if that is not your situation, fear not. It’s not too late. The techniques in this program can be applied to any dog at any age. You surely can teach an old dog new tricks!

Meet Your Trainers!

Joey and Diane DeDominicis are a mother/son duo who have been training dogs together for much of Joey’s young life. Diane’s professional career with dogs began as a groomer back in the ’80s, then progressed to a dog breeder in the ‘90s, but training has always been her passion. In 2005, The DeDominicis family began fostering dogs for the North East Dog Rescue Connection. That’s when the fun really began. With the help of their large human family (Diane and husband Tony have 8 kids!), they have cared for more than 100 foster dogs. With so many family members involved, their specialty quickly became the training and socializing of young dogs and puppies in preparation for their new homes.

“It is thru this work, with so many different breeds and personalities, in our home, with our kids, on a daily basis, that my skills as a trainer really blossomed. This also gave my kids an opportunity to experience hands-on, the challenges presented by a large variety of breeds, from a young age. They lived it with me every day. It was something we all enjoyed doing together as a family.” – Diane

Joey and Diane now teach group classes at a local feed store and also offer one on one, in-home consultations. Diane is an AKC approved evaluator for both the S.T.A.R. Puppy Program and the Canine Good Citizen award. She is a member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers and competes with her own dog in Agility. Diane and Tony currently breed and train Labrador Retrievers.

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